5 Best Fishing Kayaks for a Close One-on-One Experience with Nature

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A fishing kayak is the ultimate outdoor experience. You can access new areas for fishing, explore lakes and rivers, and encounter new species of fish. Choosing the right kayak for your outdoor adventure is essential. You should explore models with additional features geared toward anglers. Here is what you need to know about the best fishing kayaks.

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Fishing Kayak FAQ

There are a few questions to ask yourself and things to consider when comparing different fishing kayaks. These questions will help you get started with narrowing down your options.

How Are Fishing Kayaks Different From Regular Kayaks?

  What Is the Best Size for a Fishing Kayak?

Should You Opt for a Sit-on-Top or Sit-In Design?

Is It Best to Fish in a Pedal Kayak or to Use a Paddle?

How We Selected and Reviewed the Best Fishing Kayaks

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We compared different products to select our recommendations. We looked for kayaks with all the features you need to fish. 

We looked for kayaks with a hull design that improves stability. We also compared storage options and made sure the products we recommend cover different needs and budgets. We considered warranties since it's vital to invest in a kayak from a manufacturer that stands behind its products.

How Much Does a Fishing Kayak Typically Cost?

If you are looking for a simple sit-on-top model, you can easily find a quality product in the $300 to $500 price range. 

It’s easy to find a great 10-foot kayak in the $300 to $400 price range, but you should be ready to spend $500 to $700 if you want a 12-foot model.

If you’re interested in a kayak with a pedaling mechanism, you should know that price can reach and exceed $1,000.

Top Five Best Fishing Kayaks

These are the best fishing kayaks we came across. Compare the prices, features, warranties, and sizes of these different kayaks to find the best option for your needs.

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We recommend this fishing kayak because of the durable polyethylene used for the hull. This material is a lightweight option, and the kayak only weighs 52 lbs, which is convenient for transporting it. You will also find T-handles in the front and back of the kayak.

It’s a 10-foot kayak with a sit-in design. The kayak is 31-inches wide. This width provides you with plenty of room in the sitting area and still makes the kayak easy to maneuver.

There are drain holes on the floor of the kayak, so you never have to worry about bailing water. We like the hull design because it uses several chines to improve stability. It also features a skeg enhancer for better tracking. The well-defined chines make you less likely to capsize.

The seat of the Tamarack Angler 100 kayak is worth mentioning. It's simple, but it has an ergonomic design. You can adjust the footrests for your comfort.

You will find a storage hatch in front of the sitting area and another one directly behind the seat. There are also some bungee cords in the front and back that you can use to secure gear to the kayak.

The kayak comes with a paddle. You will find a mount for your fishing rod. You can easily adjust the angle of this mount. There are two additional holders for your fishing rod on each side of the seat, but these mounts are static.


  • Affordable price
  • Durable material
  • Storage options
  • Easy to transport
  • Fishing rod holders
  • Paddle is included


  • The seat doesn't have much cushioning
  • Not built for speed
  • Storage hatch located behind the seat isn’t easy to access

There is a 30% off markdown, and shoppers seem to have an excellent experience with the Lifetime Amazon store.

Walmart also carries this product. You will find an additional color option that isn’t available on Amazon.

Regardless of where you order this kayak from, you will get a five-year limited warranty from the manufacturer.

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This Sundolphin kayak is an exciting alternative to the Lifetime kayak listed above. It's available in a similar price range, and some of the features are similar. However, this 10-foot kayak has a different design, and you will find that the sitting area is relatively different.

The Sundolphin Journey kayak weighs 44 pounds. The polyethylene hull helps reduce the weight of the kayak while making it resistant to shocks.

The kayak is 30-inches wide. The sitting area sets this kayak apart from the Lifetime model we reviewed above because it’s much deeper. This deeper sitting area will make you feel more confident if you are new to kayak fishing and you should be able to store more gear on the floor of the cockpit.

You will find a mount for your fishing rod on each side of the kayak. There is an additional holder that swivels so you can adjust the angle of the rod.

The back of the seat is lower compared to the Lifetime kayak, but the sitting area is larger. There are thigh pads on the sides to improve comfort, and you can adjust the footrests.

If you need to bail the kayak, there is a plug on the floor of the cockpit that you can easily remove.

There is a large storage compartment behind the seat with some bungee cords on top and two additional small storage areas with bungee cords in front of you. The kayak comes with a paddle, and there are some retractable carry handles as well as retractable paddle holders.


  • Design is wide and stable
  • Hull material is durable
  • Storage compartments
  • Three mounts for your fishing rod
  • Deep sitting area


  • Back of the seat is low
  • Drain plug instead of holes
  • Most of the storage is behind the sitting area

You can purchase this 10-foot fishing kayak on Amazon for $. Walmart also sells this kayak for $. There are more color options available on Walmart. Sundolphin offers a limited lifetime warranty on this kayak, which adds to the value of the product.

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We recommend this kayak if you are looking for a model with a sit-in design. It’s an affordable and reliable option.

We like the comfortable sitting area and the hull designed for optimal tracking on water. The polyethylene hull resists well to shocks and Sundolphin uses a proprietary technique to protect the hull material from UV damages.

There are two flush mounts for your fishing rod as well as a swivel mount directly in front of the sitting area. There is a closed storage compartment behind the seat, and a small water bottle holder in front.

The kayak comes with a padded seat that you can adjust. There are T-handles in the front and back so you can easily carry the kayak to the water.

The height of the kayak is 14 inches. Combined with the sit-in design, this height is ideal for areas with waves and cold water.

We don’t recommend this kayak for novices because the sit-in design makes getting back in the cockpit difficult if you capsize. However, this fishing kayak would be a suitable option if you have some experience with kayaking.


  • An affordable option for a sit-in kayak
  • Fishing rod mounts
  • Padded seat
  • Large cockpit opening
  • Fishing rod holders
  • Excellent tracking and maneuverability


  • The seat doesn't have much cushioning
  • The seat doesn't have much cushioning

The manufacturer offers a limited lifetime warranty once you register your kayak.

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This product is one of the best fishing kayaks if you are looking for a longer hull. It’s a 12-foot model with a width of 32.5.”

This kayak weighs 64 pounds and the height is 14.5.” It's a sit-on-top design with a comfortable seat that you can remove to transport the kayak easily.

The reasonably low profile of the kayak combined with the 12-foot length will help you gain speed and cover more distance. A 12-foot hull somewhat reduces maneuverability and wouldn't be ideal for an environment with a lot of small creeks. The low profile and sit-on-top design might not be suitable for a fishing spot with waves, wind, and cold water.

The hull design stands out because it improves tracking and speed. There is an open storage area with a bungee cord in the back of the kayak, a small closed compartment at the bottom of the cockpit, and a third covered compartment in the front of the kayak.


  • Perfect for experienced kayakers
  • Storage option
  • 12-foot hull helps you gain speed
  • Excellent stability, tracking, and speed
  • Removable seat
  • Large cockpit area


  • Paddle not included
  • Only one mount for your fishing rod

REI has a better price for this product but will apply a additional shipping charge if you order it online. However, you can get this kayak for if you visit an REI store instead of ordering the product online.

The manufacturer offers a five-year warranty for this kayak.

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We think this kayak is your best option if you want to invest in a fishing kayak with a pedaling system. Pedals help you go faster and keep you mobile when your hands are occupied with your fishing gear.

Keep in mind that not all fishing spots are suitable for pedaling. We like this kayak with the pedaling system is very quiet. There is a forward and reverse mode as well as a very comfortable seat that you can adjust.

This 12-foot kayak comes with a sealed hatch and different tracks where you can mount accessories. There is a rod holder on one side, and a rear storage compartment where you can secure gear with a cord.

The hull features a sharp bow design that will improve speed and tracking.


  • Pedaling system
  • Quiet operation
  • Sealed storage compartment
  • Quality of the seat
  • Ability to safely stand up in the kayak


  • Price
  • Limited shopping option

The manufacturer offers a two-year warranty on the kayak and pedaling system.

Comparing the Top Fishing Kayaks

The best fishing lures will vary based on the kind of fishing that you are doing and the conditions under which you are fishing, but there is one fishing lure that has consistently performed well. The Johnson Silver Minnow Hard Bait is a more rugged lure option for those who want to fish in both saltwater and freshwater without having to switch bait.

Here is a quick breakdown of the features and advantages of some of the fishing kayaks we recommend.





Lifetime Tamarack Angler 100 Fishing Kayak




10 feet


52 pounds

Best sit-in fishing kayak

SUNDOLPHIN Sun Dolphin Excursion Sit-in Fishing Kayak (Sand, 10-Feet)




10 feet


39 pounds

Best kayak with a pedaling system

Native Watercraft Manta Ray Propel Angler 12 Kayak - Copperhead


 sit-on-top with pedaling system


98 pounds



Verdict: Which Kayak Is the Best Fishing Kayak?

We think the Lifetime Tamarack Angler 100 Fishing Kayak is an obvious choice if you want to invest in a reliable fishing kayak. This 10-foot kayak is affordable and easy to maneuver, which is crucial if you are new to kayaking.

We like the storage options and different ways to mount your fishing rod on the kayak. The hull design keeps the kayak stable when you fish. Overall, this Lifetime fishing kayak delivers an excellent fishing experience and represents a sound investment.

Featured Image: Image by skeeze from Pixabay


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